Ski and snowboardvices

My Ski and snowboardvices are a cheap alternative to known products.

Why is that cheap? My products are non- industrial manufacturing. Theres no vendor and advertising agency behind me. These products are produced in 3d printing which often runs over night or while I go to work or do sports. The prices are as low as possible for a non-profit business. As I told, it won’t make me rich. But you have the possibility to get a great product which is not available elsewhere.

Skispanner Easy
Skispanner Pro

What ist the most efficient way to clamp a ski for maintain? Well the natural connection is the boot in binding. If you flip the principal so the boot is fixed on a table, the ski can be easily clamped on the boot. So this is

Skispanner Easy

You can even adjust it for each bootsize.

Skispanner Pro

Skispanner pro is the same principal of clamping. The additional feature is that you are able to skip the ski to both sides. This makes it easier for edge tuning. There is one support for the skinose so you get a really rigid construction. There is one more feature- you are able to clamp ski even with pin bindings that are used on touring skis.


Snowboardspanner follows the same Rule of simplity. Two blocks on the table one fixed one varius and two clips which are fixed on the board. Put your board from above and let it click, now you are ready for work. After releasing the clips take that board easy away.

Fits on snowboards with 2by 4 and 4by4 hole system. not suitable with burton.

History of CleandisC

In winter 2018 my wife wanted me to try skiing. The first curves on skis worked intuitively easy and the fun begun. 3 weeks later I looked over to snowboarding. And as well after some flightmiles I started to ride on a snowboard too.

A problem with boards and skis is the high frequency of being necessary to be waxed. Each waxing takes about 20 € and this is not the full service for your board and ski. Often you have to let the boards in a renting service over night or maybe longer.

If you dare you can do this skiservice in your garage very easily. You need some stuff like wax iron scraper but that’s not the big problem. The big problem is to fix the ski on the table. Of course there are known skivices, but they are expensive, some about 100 €. So if I am a stingy Scrooge then I work on a own solution.

In the internet I found a report about a skivice which can be made out of wood and is very cheap. Ok you can do this but it didn’t satisfy me. So I turned this solution into a product which can be 3d printed.

This became Skispanner easy. It is a dummy of a skiboot which is mounted on a woodplate. You just click the ski on the vice like you step in with your boots. Now the ski is fixed and can be maintained. The cool thing about this vice- it is adjustable in length so you can click a ski of any size.

People asked me how to edge tuning on this vice. For me its not a big deal to use the tool in that direction. But the people were right, why not create a variation that can tilt. This became the Skispanner PRO. To make the product complete I added a support for the skinose et voilà.