The new type of branding

Now it happened, the new type of branding is out now.

Comes with each new manufactured sprocket guard

9 Kommentare zu „The new type of branding“

  1. Hi, I have BMW S1000XR 2021 model, will this fit on my bike.

    Will you ship to UK. What is the price. Do you have English text website.

    Sorry I don’t know what that form is about but I think it’s a contact us form. So filling up my details

    Best regards

  2. Evandro Dias Mendes

    I have a Triumph Sport 1050, in Brazil.
    I would like to install this part on my motorcycle
    How do I buy and be shipped to Brazil?

  3. Hello, i have seen this sprocket guard, its geniuos ideia.
    Do you send it for Portugal? If so what’s the price for it?

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