about Snoto

I am very glad that youre walking through my website

My name is Alexander,

This room where we are right now has a touch of fresh mountain air and clear sky.
For me the world of mountains appears brethtaking. Once in a year I take the time to cut off the daily life. At that time I am at tyrol/ Austria for one week.
This one week fills all of my energy capacities and this keeps for months.

What do I do in tyrol?

nowhere else I have that feeling of getting up in the morning and say: lets get into nature!!! find a calm path with no traffic. Joy the fresh air the calm the bling of cows and hearing the water in smaller sources. I am appart with nature when I arrive in climbing parc.
A proper cooling is guaranteed in those waterfalls or lakes on top of the hills.
Diner is always most explosive taste after a day full of adventure. Man learns to esteem what it means to get food not in abundance but when body and soul this really needs.

A total contrast to this idyll delivers my motorcycle. Hardly anywhere else than in tyrol I know such wonderfull roads that can be driven relaxed or even sporty, depends on mood.

We like to spend the winter up in the glaciers. I am skier and snowboarder like my family too. We are no pro´s but we have much fun in the snow and on the piste. Sometimes we are afraid of some slopes. But what you not try you cannot laugh about that later.

My profession is engineering machines for food industry. In my free time I like to hammer in the garage. There are always problems to solve.

This is my vacation

This webshop is running in my free time. That is nothing to get rich with, but this fullfills my mind and I love to share my solutions to the world. Positive feed back from you is my motor.
Nowadays there are four 3D printers running for you in my basement. That is enough to complete all incoming orders in short time.

All these products you can find in my webshop are not purchaseable anywhere else. They exist only for the reason that I solved certain problems. Makes me happy if my solutions help you as well.

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